For Business And Commercial Needs

For Business And Commercial Needs

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Commercial Rentals

A need for Emergency Back-Up Cooling is rarely foreseen.

Climate changes in your work or learning environment can be unexpected.


Supplemental air conditioning is available for long-term climate control.

You can feel confident that EliteCooling is prompt and prepared.

Server Rooms

Get the heat out: Protect your assets. Shield your business from catastrophe.

Cooling your Server Room and Computer Equipment is our specialty.

Portable AC in Orange County

Elite Cooling is a leader in Orange County for Portable AC Units for supplemental and/or emergency HVAC needs.  Whether it be to correct a malfunctioning or mis-aligned system or for emergency situations, we are here to help.

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 Server Rooms, Health Care Facilities, Schools, Offices, etc

We had a problem with our IDF room located in our Boardroom that would only come on when they occupy the room. So the IDF room was always hot and the electronic components would never be able to run at a cool temperature. So after visiting a show and seeing there product I came back and took a look again and order one. There service and setup was awesome. They installed it how I wanted it and gave me an overview of it and it is cooling my room down so my equipment can run smoothly. I look forward to my next purchase from them.

Steve Klein

Facilities Manager, Orange County Fire Authority

“The Cool Cube saved our lives! We had a catastrophic AC failure in our server room on a Friday afternoon at 5PM. We searched everywhere for AC rentals and only EliteCooling came to the rescue with Cool Cubes! We liked them so much, we decided to buy one. A must have on standby for those unforeseen events. A small cost to protect thousands of dollars of computer equipment and data.”

Tony Ocampo

Information Technology Technical Services Mgr, Smith + Noble LLC

The data center was having trouble cooling our server racks due to server growth and aging HVAC equipment. We were experiencing high heat loads with our mission critical server racks. The size and design of the CoolCube made it the right choice to help spot cool equipment, so I purchased a unit to help cool mission critical servers. When it was time to replace our aging HVAC equipment we rented 3 more CoolCube’s to help keep the data center cool while the HVAC equipment was replaced. This solution proved so successful that I’m pushing to have a CoolCube for every Telco room on campus to keep our mission critical equipment cool.

EliteCooling not only had the right solution for our data center they also provided us with tremendous customer service. EliteCooling has a complete understanding of their product and how best to help you with your critical cooling needs. EliteCooling is our vendor of choice to provide emergency cooling to our data center.

Tony Escobar

Information Technology Data Center Operations Manager DCO/CS, Pepperdine University

“When we initially built our store we had 5 tons of air conditioning, which was sufficient at that time. However, over the years we have had added more equipment in the store that generates more heat. During the cooler months we did not have a problem, but it was during the warm summer months when the temperature inside the store was unbearable. This created a very unpleasant environment for our customers and we needed to do something quickly to fix the problem IMMEADIATELY. I did some research on the internet and came across the website for EliteCooling. I made one quick call and my problem was solved. They were quick to respond and within a few hours I had a good temporary fix. I was very glad that I called EliteCooling as they really saved me from losing a lot of business.”

Pete J. Patel

Owner, Om-Food Inc. / Sejal Enterprises Inc.

Elite Cooling

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