“What To Know Before You Call” Checklist

Please answer the questions below before placing your call:

  1. What type of space do you need to cool (office space, classroom, server room, etc.)
  2. What is the size (square footage) of the space need to cool?
  3. What are you hoping to accomplish: Cooling the entire space or just certain areas?
  4. How high is the ceiling?
  5. What kind of ceiling is in the space?
    -Is it: a drop ceiling with ceiling tiles, open, totally sealed, etc.
    -If no drop ceiling, do you have a way for us to exhaust the A/C units (ie: a window)
  6. What is in the room that is generating additional heat? : equipment, computers, people, windows
  7. What type of power is available? (115V, 208, etc)
    -How many amps are available for use?

All of this information is essential for EliteCooling to provide you with the best solution, tailored to fit your cooling needs.
Thank you for taking the time to know this information before you call.