We Do Not Provide Residential Cooling Solutions.

Healthcare facilities have to manage their environment for not only the comfort of their patients and staff, but also for the invaluable and costly equipment they employ to provide great healthcare.  This mandates the need to be ever vigilant to maintain proper environment within their facilities.  It starts with evaluation of the permanent HVAC system and due to emergency preparedness, also makes them review temporary alternatives like portable AC supplies.

Healthcare building HVAC systems require routine, scheduled maintenance to keep them functioning properly and can benefit from the usage of supplemental AC equipment

Extreme weather conditions can require preparedness for both emergency generators and their ability to maintain comfort for their patients and staff.  Sometimes this preparedness is accomplished through purchasing this equipment and housing it onsite.  Other times these facility managers establish relationships with equipment providers like Elite Cooling for their emergency needs.

Whatever your healthcare building HVAC needs, Elite Cooling can help provide the emergency and temporary solutions required to keep medical patients and staff comfortable in any situation. Make sure your critical patients do not have to suffer because of healthcare building HVAC outages during scheduled maintenance or an emergency situation.

Emergency Back-Up Cooling is available for a temporary solution:

  • Current HVAC is not working properly, or under repair
  • Building is under repair or under construction
  • Summer months cause an increase in building temperature
  • Acquired short-term projects which use heat-producing equipment or machinery

Supplemental Cooling is available for a permanent solution:

  • Outgrown your office or work areas needs
  • Added new equipment or machinery, which increased the heat load
  • Hot spots in rooms, work spaces or classrooms
  • Building HVAC shuts off at night

Cooling your Facility, Work Space or School is our specialty. EliteCooling is prompt and prepared to help you choose the best solution for your portable cooling needs.

See our Checklist for “What To Know Before You Call”. Knowing your space and current situation allows EliteCooling to continue giving you the very best in Customer Service. And Get The Heat Out fast!