Server/Telecom Rooms

Server Room


Get the heat out: Protect your assets
Prevent devastation from an overheated server or computer equipment
Shield your business from catastrophe

Emergency Back-Up Cooling is available for a temporary solution

  • Current HVAC is not working properly, or under repair
  • Office is under repair or under construction
  • Summer months cause an increase in office temperature

Supplemental Cooling is available for a permanent solution

  • Outgrown your server room or computer area needs
  • Added new equipment, which increased the heat load
  • Hot spots in the server room
  • Building HVAC shuts off at night

Cooling your Server Room and Computer Equipment is our specialty. EliteCooling is prompt and prepared to help you choose the best solution for your portable cooling needs.

See our Checklist for “What To Know Before You Call”. Knowing your space and current situation allows EliteCooling to continue giving you the very best in Customer Service. And Get The Heat Out fast!