Xtreme Cooling Portable Air Conditioners

Xtreme value * Xtreme performance * Xtreme reliability

The Xtreme Cooling (XC) provides instant emergency back up to protect your electronics during high temperature crisis situations.
The XC is designed to provide cooling for rooms filled with heat generating electronics. Networks, computers, communications and office equipment will shut down when temperatures increase. XC portable cooling provides cost effective spot cooling in just the area that needs it. XC installs in minutes – just plug it in and turn it on.

Features of each XC unit include:

  • Digital Controller
    Programmable to keep your equipment cool full time (7x24), as redundant “back up” cooling, or only after-hours and weekends
  • Cooling in Wide Temperature Range
    Cools in broad range of conditions from 64�F to 113�F
  • Spot Cool Mode
    Cool just the critical equipment, people or process when it is not practical to cool the entire room
  • Commercial Grade
    Steel construction with heavy duty oversized casters
  • Condensate Pump
    Optional condensate pump kit installs in moments with quick plug connection
  • Two Speed Fan Control
    Programs from Digital Controller
  • High Pressure Switch 
    Shuts down the SC unit if high pressure is detected
  • Smart Compressor Time delay Control
    Compressor protection is provided in all conditions with optimized delay time
  • R410A Refrigerant
    Earth friendly refrigerant does not deplete the Ozone like R22